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Property Claims Automation That Fundamentally Improves Customer Interaction While Reducing Loss Adjustment Expense

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Property Claims Damages, Calculations and Payments can get OVERWHELMING for the policyholder as losses become more complex.

 There is no linear path between an invoice and a payment. Instead, there are all of these elements in between like depreciation, deductibles, over limit amounts - some that reduce against other elements, single & aggregate limits, coinsurance, whole itemizations and of course, the adjustment itself - hopefully clearly and transparently documented with a convenient way to access and compare it all !  


"...I still don't see how my payments match up with my damages."


SetOnce™ for Property Claims fully automates 3 of the 5 primary administrative tasks enabling the claim handler to increase productivity up to 60% .................... simultaneously using the same automation to enable policyholders to connect and actually understand all of their claim components.

SetOnce™ for Property Claims Instantly Simplifies Complexity


What are the risks of not improving this process for your policyholders?

... Renewals? Retention? - How about the indirect marketing opportunities that are generated by claim events ? ! 


THEY... will simply go elsewhere if the convenience and transparency is not there.


For strategic insurers, THESE PROBLEMS ARE SOLVED with SetOnce™ for Property Claims.


Integration via Point to Point or API

  • "Any element of their claim is linked for instant comparison to related documents and calculations!"

SetOnce™ for Property Claims significantly accelerates productivity and the policyholder experience.

SetOnce™ for Property Claims is NOT an estimating system.

SetOnce™ for Property Claims is NOT a claims management system.

However, it does integrate with these systems seamlessly via Point to Point or API

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SetOnce™ for Property Claims

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